The Material Religions blog is a volunteer-run project that was developed by Urmila Mohan and John J. McGraw (1974-2016) and as a result of discussions by various attendees of the 2014 conference, The Bodily and Material Cultures of Religious Subjectivation held at University College London. The project is in transition and new content will be posted shortly.

Managing & Founding Editor (2014-now) 

Contributing Editors (2019-20)

Editor-at-large (2019-20)

Previous Members of the Editorial Team 
& Friends of the Project
We thank the following for their service to the profession

Contributing Editors 2016-19
Courtney E. O'Dell-Chaib 
Rebecca Moody

Contributing Editor 2018-19 
Adam D.J. Brett

Editors-at-Large 2014-18
David Morgan
Jean-Pierre Warnier


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