Jean-Pierre Warnier

Jean-Pierre Warnier (PhD, Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, 1975) taught anthropology in Nigeria, Cameroon, and, since 1985, at the University of Paris-Descartes.  Warnier is now Honorary Professor and research fellow at the Institut des Mondes Africains, Paris.  Since 1972, he did research on the economic and political history of the Cameroon Grassfields.  He later shifted to the study of bodily and material cultures as technologies of power.  As a member of the "Matière à Penser" research group, he has contributed to its theoretical approach to material culture.  He is also a member of the Editorial board of the Journal of Material Culture.  One of his latest books is The Pot King: The Body and Technologies of Power. Warnier is the author of many articles including "Technology as Efficacious Action on Objects...and Subjects". He has worked with several institutions such as the Muséum National d'histoire Naturelle, Musée de l'Homme, Musée du Quai Branly and Musée Dapper

Research Interests: Material Culture, Bodily Techniques, Technologies of Power, Subjectivation, Embodiment, Value


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