Rane Willerslev

Rane Willerslev is Professor at the Institute for Anthropology and Linguistics at Aarhus University.  He has done extensive ethnographic research among the Yukaghir of Siberia.  He is the author of Hunting and Trapping in Siberia, Soul Hunters: Hunting, Animism and Personhood among the Siberian Yukaghirs, and On the Run in Siberia.  He has served as editor of Acta Borealia, Taming Time, Timing Death, and Transcultural Montage.

Research Interests: Shamanism, Animals, Hunting and Trapping, Nature/Culture Debate, Cognition
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Not Animal, Not Not-Animal: Hunting, Imitation and Empathetic Knowledge among the Siberian Yukaghirs

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