Saturday, July 27, 2019

We Have Moved to "The Jugaad Project"!

After nearly five years of service to open-access scholarship (2014-19), we have moved to a new and exciting phase with the publication of "The Jugaad Project". For further information on how to submit to The Jugaad Project please contact our editorial team. Follow us on Instagram.

The Material Religion blog remains open as an archive and a resource that we will continue to draw upon to promote diversity and innovation in the field of material religion studies. 

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The Jugaad Project is independent and unaffiliated with any institution or group. Our name and ethos is inspired by South Asian cultural ideas of diversity and innovation applied to material religion studies. 

Co-Founder and Managing Editor 2014-present
Urmila Mohan

Contributing Editors 2019-20
Alexandra (Sasha) Antohin
Jessica Hughes
Editor-at-Large 2019-20
Uthara Suvarathan